Weekly Masterclass Series.

Introducing my newWeekly Master Class Series’ aimed at all players.

I’m a self taught player and am always looking for the most efficient way to get around the fretboard without thinking too much about theory.

The focus and emphasis will be outlining the importance of applying musicality into your playing, melodic note choice and phrasing.

We’ll be covering dedicated topics each night.Every topic has a list of sub topics which will change every week.I’ll also be giving PDF hand outs and backing tracks during every class and a practice strategy for the week.

Each class runs for 60min and costs $35

Session times are as follow

Monday to Wednesday

Session 1 7pm til 8pm

Looking forward to sharing my ideas with you.


WEEKLY MASTERCLASS ENROLMENT (once you fill out the form and submit it, you’ll be redirected to PayPal for payment)