Please read these instructions carefully before making a purchase.

  1. This shop accepts Paypal only. You have two choices, to use your PayPal address when asked, or to pay via credit card. All responsibility for the security of your credit card details lies with Paypal, no credit card details are kept on this site.
  2. After you have entered your credit card details successfully, a page will load asking you to confirm the order. Your credit card will not be charged until the order is confirmed.
  3. Upon confirmation of the order, your credit card will be charged and you will be taken to a download page. Please ensure that you click on the download button to load the file, or files in the case of a bundle. If your download should fail for some reason, please click on the download button again. You will also be emailed a link to download the file(s) and should receive this a couple of minutes after the transaction.
  4. All transactions are logged in the backend of the website along with the success of the Paypal transaction.